ASP data storing models


Goal: saving data specific to the user, during his session
Stored: in a session variable on the server


Advantages: does not use much of your bandwidth and it is secure because it is on the server
Disadvantages: is kept on the server for every session, so uses lots of memory on the server

View state

Goal: saving date on a page between post backs
Stored: in a 'hidden' page input


Advantages: simple for page level data, doesn't use memory on the server, encrypted
Disadvantages: uses a lot of bandwidth (is send back and forward with every postback), only for one page

Query string

Goal: passing data between pages
Stored: in the URL
Advantages: simple to implement, doesn't use memory on the server nor bandwidth
Disadvantages: human readable and changeable, client browser limit on URL length



Goal: caching data that is not user specific but app wide
Stored: on the server

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