Do not declare visible instance fields

Mark members as static

Mark a function as static in C#, shared in VB. If all routines in a class are static, mark the class as Sealed/Static in C#, NotInheritable in VB.
Public NotInheritable Class SharedFunctions
Public Shared Sub Process()

Mark assemblies with NeutralResourcesLanguageAttribute

Go to the properties of the project - tab Application - button Assembly Infomation.
Choose English (United States) for Neutral Language.

Mark assemblies with CLSCompliantAttribute

Put next line in front of the namespace:
VB: <Assembly: CLSCompliant(True)>
C#: [assembly: CLSCompliant(true)]

Rules to ignore

Assemblies should have valid strong names.

Do not raise reserved exception types

Add an own exception:
C# exceptions
VB exceptions

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