Linux Setup Server

Installation Ubuntu server

Common setup (LTS 10.04)

Just execute the standard setup.
Servers: DNS server, LAMP server, Mail server, OpenSSH server, PostgreSQL database, Print server, Samba file server, Tomcat Java server, Virtual Machine Host, Manual Package selection.
Check OpenSSH.
Install GRUB bootloader in MBR.
Clock to UTC.

Install Midnight commander

sudo apt-get install mc

Setup network to use a fixed IP address

Add following lines to /etc/network/interfaces:
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
address #ip adress you want to give to the server

Restart network:
sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart

Ubuntu server 10.10

Loading boot log. Graphics initialization failed.
Error setting up gfx boot.
Behind 'boot:' type help.
But won't install on Via Epia 6000 anyway because instruction missing.
10.04 does, maybe because this is a LTS version?


Common setup

Apache2 installeren.
To have ssl (https://)
sudo a2enmod ssl
Configure SSL and create self-signed signatures.
sudo a2ensite default-ssl

Tooling for Terminal in browser

- Install tool
- sudo a2enmod proxy



Terminal Server

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