Visual Studio

Signing a project with a digital ID card

Go to the Properties of the project. Go to Signing. Insert your ID card in the smart reader.
Click 'Select from store'. Select the Certificate and enter the PIN code if asked.

Debugging performance


Version Changer
File Path On Footer

Stay Frosty: highlight methods

Productivity Power Tools




ReSharper issues

Visual Studio: Editor stops responding to keyboard
The solution: Tools->Options->Resharper: Suspend.
Try typing - should work now.
Then: Tools->Options->Resharper: Resume.

Restore Intellisense after ReSharper
Go to "Tools | Options | Text Editor | C# | General" and check "Auto list members" and "Parameter information" checkboxes.

Settings (Tools - Options)

Put pinned tabs on a separate row
Tools -> Options - Environment - Tabs and Windows - Pinned Tabs: Show pinned tabs in a separate row

Track active window in Solution Explorer
Tools -> Options - Projects and Solutions - General: Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

Place 'System' directives first when sorting usings
Tools -> Options - Text Editor - C# - Advanced - Using Directives

Highlight current line
Tools -> Options - Environment - Fonts and Colors - Highlight Current Line

Show white spaces
Edit -> Advanced -> View White Space or Ctrl + E, S or Ctrl + R, W

Web development

Microsoft Web Developer Tools


Web Essentials (Find References for JS; JS editor outlining, code folding, smart indent, auto-close braces; source maps)
Open source:
Visual Studio Extensions for Windows Library for JavaScript
2010: JavaScript Parser
2010: JSEnhancements


Visual Studio themes

.NET tools

Microsoft FxCop

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