Visual Studio Team Services

VSTS structure

VSTS Organization (eg.

Create in Visual Studio

Go to the Team Explorer
Underneath 'Visual Studio Online', click on 'Sign Up'.
Enter the Account URL and click on the button Create Account.

Create via the website

Go to
Login if necessary.
Click on 'Create new organization'.

Overview of VSTS Organizations connected to your Microsoft account

Go to
On the right you see your organizations.
If you open an organization, you will get an overview of the recent Projects.
To see all the projects, click on 'Browse' underneath 'Recent projects and teams'.
You will get an overview of all the project in the DefaultCollection.
A project can contain multiple repositories.

Connect in Visual Studio

In the menu Team, select 'Connect to Team Foundation Server…'.
In the Team Explorer, you will now see 'Select Team Projects'.
In the 'Connect to Team Foundation Server' form, choose the Team Foundation Server you want to connect to.
If it is not available, click on 'Servers', click on 'Add' and enter the Visual Studio Online Account.
If you want to open a Team Project, select it in the list. If not, deselect everything.
Click on OK.

Delete a Project

Go the the projects page of your organization (https://{organization}
Click on the settings icon (to the right of Projects - My favorites - …)
Click on the ellipsis (three dots) behind the project name when hovering over it. Click Delete.
The name of the project will be asked as a confirmation, so just enter the name of the project. The project will be deleted.

Add a user to a team project

Go to the dashboard and click on '+' in the Team members snippet.

Start a project with VSTS


We want to have a local GIT repository, to which we normally Commit.
Later we want to push the tested changes to a remote Visual Studio Team Services repository.

Create a VSTS git repository of a VS solution

1. Create a local repository

git init

2. Add a repository in VSTS
Remark: if you add a .gitignore file here, you won't be able to push anymore.

3. Add the VSTS repository as a remote to the local repository

git remote add origin https://{account}{name repository}

4. Push the local commits to the origin

git push -u origin --all
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